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Silhouette of 2 FBI agents against the Chicago skyline with a blue light mark and the words The Mind Hacker, The Phantom by AJ Rose

The pre-order for The Phantom (The Mind Hacker Book 2) is now LIVE and available at Amazon.

How do you catch a killer whose playground spans the United States?

FBI Special Agent Tracey Smith is barely back on his feet when Behavioral Analysis Unit 4 is dropped into the heart of another case.

This one proves a brilliant agent’s hunch was right:
This perpetrator hunts a huge geographical area.
The signature is subtle, the deaths just unique enough to tie them together.
Future victims are impossible to warn.

Supervisory Special Agent Jon Anderson is struggling. At work, Smith is his talented protégé. At home, Tracey is his boyfriend. They’re forced to hide to save their jobs, but Tracey is nobody’s dirty secret.

Jon wants to be out as a couple outside of work. So why can’t he let Tracey all the way in? Has the Ice Man been in control for too long to release his secrets now?

For a man compulsively drawn to darkness, how far will the lies and subterfuge go?

The Phantom is book 2 of The Mind Hacker series, and isn’t easily understood without reading book 1, The Family Man. The story follows Jon and Tracey, the grumpy/sunshine main characters through hurt/comfort and forbidden romance situations all the way through to their eventual happily-ever-after.

Content warning: The Mind Hacker series contains themes of dark violence, including off-page sexual assault, psychological manipulation, narcissism, and other disturbing themes. If you’d like specifics, the author will happily answer questions through their email:

Every word and cover of every book published by this author has been crafted by a human and always will be.

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