The Anatomy of Perception: RELEASED!

Amazon usually takes 12 hours or more to approve an indie book for publication. So I was all prepared to do the upload today and hope it would hit sometime around midnight and be immediately available for anyone who searched for it first thing in the morning.

A minute ago, I got a tweet mentioning that it’s out now. Whut? In the fastest publication ever, The Anatomy of Perception is available from the following retailers (links edited as title becomes available across the board).
The Anatomy of PerceptionAmazon $5.99 mobi
All Romance eBooks: $5.99 mobi, epub, pdf
Barnes & Noble: $5.99 epub
iTunes: $5.99 epub
Scribd: $5.99 epub
Page Foundry: $5.99 epub

A little early spring gift for us all. Thanks, Amazon!

6 thoughts on “The Anatomy of Perception: RELEASED!

  • Yay, rushes to buy. A late night for me then. Congrats on the release 😃❤️

  • Yeah, I saw this update last night. Which meant I immediately had purchase the book. And I was up til 3am reading it and only got about halfway through.

    Now I have to go suffer through three hours of class talking about budgets and fundraising when all I want to do is READ.

  • BREATHE! I had to keep telling myself this as I read this book. I don’t know what I expected but few books have left me speechless and crying all at once. This book gives you a front row seat into a world that has become such a casual phrase that most people don’t understand the devastation it can bring, not only to the person, but the people who love him. It is a testament to the virility of the human will and spirit and renews your faith that there are still people in the world who will push through the mud to find you if you get lost. I am being intentionally candid just in case there is one person who follows this site that hasn’t purchased and read the book yet. When you do just remember this mantra BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE.
    I can so see this one blowing up with the mainstream publishers and even catching the eye of screenwriter. (When they do AJ please don’t let them f*** it up. It don’t need fixing!)

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