A Piece of Me

I’m over at Diverse Reader today talking about my feelings from before the UK Meet, and sharing something I’ve held close to the vest since the beginning of my career. Take a peek and drop a comment. Come say hello, maybe make a face with me.

4 thoughts on “A Piece of Me

  • Oh my! A wonderful face to go with that bright yellow and pink voice 😀 ! I have a pretend daughter, well she’s just fourteen years younger than me, who could be your twin, hair, make-up and all! My heart gave a little stutter until I remembered where I was. She even has the same kind of voice. Thanks for sharing yourself. I know how unbelievably hard this must have been (been there, done that) . You are beautiful inside and out.

  • Its nice to meet you. I have a face to go with the author (love the purple by the way). Courage comes in so many rhymes and reasons. Putting ourselves out there is one of the biggies and you did it!!!!!

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