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Yesterday, I amused myself by writing a scene between brothers shortly after the older one, Kyle, comes out to his family that he’s gay and dating Jesse, who they previously thought was just his roommate. This scene is set at Chicago’s Pride parade and the evening after, and with a little liquid courage, his brother, Bobby, has all kinds of questions. (These questions are some of the things—minus what doesn’t exactly work with my physiology—I had people ask when I came out, so it was amusing to have a character be quicker on his feet than I was.) Enjoy.

“How long have you known?”

“Known Jesse?” Kyle drained his drink and set it on the wall shelf, which overflowed with abandoned and empty cups.

“No, that you’re gay.”

“College. I was pretty confused in high school, but it wasn’t far into my freshman year before I had it figured out.”

Cameron pointed to Kyle’s remaining drink and raised his eyebrows, twirling his finger at the ceiling to signal if he was ready for the next round. Kyle nodded. He didn’t usually drink so much, but it wasn’t often he had so much to celebrate.

“I wondered. You took that girl, Anne, to the prom, right?” Bobby asked, bringing him back to their conversation.

“Yeah, but she was just a friend. The guy she wanted to go with already had a girlfriend.”

“So have you, you know?” His brother made a vaguely rude hand gesture.

“Fucked a girl?” Kyle asked drily. Bobby dipped his chin in affirmation. “No. Kissed, yes. Groped, once. Never went past second base.”

“But with a guy….” Bobby trailed off.

Kyle grinned. While he and his brother gave each other shit all the time, they were fairly close, and if Bobby really wanted details, Kyle might give him a few. Chances were, he could squick him out enough to stop the prying questions.

“Have you ever….” Bobby took a large swallow of his beer. “Taken it? Up the ass?”

Kyle drew the moment out in silence, letting his brother squirm at the implication, before answering. “I’ve done both.” Bobby made a face and Kyle laughed. “Until you know the magic that is the prostate, you don’t get to judge.”

“What do you mean?” Bobby asked, draining his beer and accepting two more from Cameron, to whom he shouted, “Next round’s mine.”

Kyle pulled him close. “Some time, when you’re alone, rub the spot behind your balls.”

Bobby scoffed. “Already know about that.”

“Okay, then if you go up your ass with something, finger or toy or whatever, you can magnify that pleasure by a factor of ten.” Bobby gawped at him in disbelief. “Swear. Some guys can even come that way, without touching their dicks.”

Bobby was mesmerized. “Can you?”

Kyle’s grin widened and became toothy.

“No way!” Bobby yelled.

“You should try it. Maybe it runs in the family.”

“Wouldn’t that….” His brother looked distinctly uncomfortable, leaning close as if anyone could hear him over the music. “Make me gay?” he finished, sheepish.

Kyle bristled, but Bobby’s features were genuinely interested, not judgmental. “Every guy has a prostate. How you play with it has nothing to do with who you’re attracted to.”

Bobby only nodded and stared into the crowd, apparently considering Kyle’s suggestion. He looked worried, though, so Kyle threw him a bone.

“Have you ever heard of pegging?” Bobby shook his head. “It’s where the girl wears a strap-on and fucks the guy in the ass. It’s a thing. Google it.” Kyle started to turn and find Jesse, who’d meandered to the other side of their group in animated conversation with yet more people Kyle recognized, but then looked back at his brother’s open-mouthed gape. “Oh, and you’re welcome.”

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