What’s Up?

So wow, the last month or so has been kind of nuts, hasn’t it? I don’t know about you, but busy doesn’t begin to describe it.

In the last several weeks, Kate moved to America to be with me, I finished a book, we got married, and I released the book. I won’t bore you with details about paperwork and editing and driver’s licenses and book covers and bank accounts and all that jazz, but let’s just say holy shit. There’s a lot going on up in here.

Reaping Havoc

Because of this, I’ve been hit and miss around social media, and while I’m trying, it’s not liable to get better for a little while. I’m in the midst of planning what to write next, and with the holidays coming up, I know we all get a little hectic.

But it’s the what’s up next bit I want to talk to you all about. Remember this post about what a dick my muse is? Well, it appears I’mma hafta cutabitch and take away his ecstasy, because he’s still not playing ball. He apparently luuuurves Nate and Mitch, because now, there’s a sequel to Reaping Havoc banging around in my head and oh my god I can hardly wait to start it!


So here’s what’s up with The Long Fall of Night series.

I have every intention of finishing it, but because of the depths of detail required for the next installment, I cannot focus enough on it right now with everything else going on (more gov’t paperwork, traveling for the holidays, life/health insurance, car stuff, you name it we’re doing it) to do the book justice. I absolutely refuse to phone it in on any story I write just to keep to a schedule. That makes me miserable, makes the story suck, and readers can totally see it in the writing. I know there are those of you who are waiting for The Dark Before Dawn (LFoN 2), and it’s at the top of the pile. However, this may be one of those books (or series) I have to work on at the same time as working on something else, because it’s intense to write, intense to research, and it’s slow. I can’t do slow and still keep up with reader expectations.

So my intentions are these: I will continue with the Reaping Havoc world while the muse (that fucking dickhead) is moved by it, work on The Long Fall of Night series with slow and steady determination so as to get the next installment out sometime in 2016, and book 3 out the following year, all while keeping readers on the edge of your seats with new releases every three or so months. I have plans. There’s more Mitch and Nate, the Power Exchange spinoff, the rock star story, the co-written one with Kate (possibly, if her schedule meshes), a ménage, an assassin story, another paranormal world to build regarding ghosts that might fit into the Reaping Havoc world but it might not… Oh, the list goes on.

I promise you, my favorite ever readers, there will be no lack of new work coming from me. It’s just not in the order I planned. Viva la variété!

12 thoughts on “What’s Up?

    • Well, you might be wondering about the boyband story, and no, the impetus to write that went out the window a while ago.

      I do have a rock star story in the works, but I’m not sure that’s the one you’re thinking about.

  • Yay!! **Happy Dancing here** So happy to hear about a sequel for Mitch and Nate, I’ve just left you a 5 star review (as usual) on Goodreads, and a shout out to Fen of course for the editing. Many, many congrats to both you and Kate, and may your muse start behaving himself (fat chance of that happening….ever!!) soon. Also looking forward to LFoN 2. <3

  • Looking forward to more of your talented words [ in what ever order the muse allows]. Wishing you and Kate a very happy holiday period

  • Breath!!! You are about to pass out on us. Creativity is a bitch. It lets us do amazing things like paint, write, compose, etc. It also lets us create those 3 dozen last minute themed cupcakes that our kids forget to tell us about until the night before, a dinner when everyone is rushed, or a proposal to wow our boss.

    Dinner isn’t a major issue. You can get really creative with mac N cheese. Frosting will hide a lack of decorating skill on those cupcakes, and the proposal – most of us are good at our jobs and can wing that one. The writer, composer and painter have it tough. If you don’t feel it and try to push it through you have a mess. Pressures from needing to make $$$ from the fruits of your labor don’t help.

    Readers can also be pushy. A well written book just flows. It is effortless to read and you get lost in the story. Unfortunately, the readers also assume it is effortless the writer to create. Also, before eBooks, you bought a book and saw the author on the dust cover. The reader never got to actually communicate with the writer in a one on one. Since you can “speak” to the writer using email or social media, some readers also think it gives them right to make demands of more, faster, etc.

    I want to read carefully crafted materials. I like your writing and I am content to wait and follow wherever and whenever that dang MUSE leads you.

    • <3

      I was hoping I hid my desperation. Little better, but you totally got me. I'm breathing. Not gonna guilt myself over the book that keeps getting shuffled to 2nd to the top. People seem to like Mitch and Nate anyway.

  • While I’m dying to read The Long Fall of Night #2 and haven’t actually introduced myself to Mitch and Nate yet, I have to say I’m very excited about the wide variety of books you have in mind. I have no doubt whatever you serve up next will be fabulous, and everything good is worth waiting for so I’ll turn on whatever patience I possess when it comes to The Long Fall. Just remember to live, love and enjoy yourself while you writing all those words <3

  • Mitch and Nate are amazing. I’m so happy to hear there will be more!

    Creativity never quite does what you expect. As a reader, I’ll be happy with whatever you produce in whatever order it wants to be produced.

    Congrats to you and Kate for everything!

  • I feel you on Reaping Havoc. Not to give away spoilers but the last page should have said to be continued…Those two have so much more to say especially with the way you constructed that ingenious ending. You know if you take a minute to breathe we will all for five you. Congrats congrats congrats.

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