Winners! And a Moment

The Anatomy of PerceptionBecause of the fantastic response to my Reapings and Rewards Newsletter signups, I’ve decided to double the number of winners. Four people will receive an advanced copy of The Anatomy of Perception in mobi, epub, or pdf. It’s at the formatter’s right now, but when I get it back and check it, it’ll be in the hot little hands of these four people:

Valerie Hacking, Sadonna Swan, Lily Blunt, and Alice Viviano

Congrats to the winners! You’ve all been emailed.

Now, I’m going to take a moment here to be frank. I know this winter is getting to everyone, with the never ending snow, colder than average temperatures, ice in places that don’t usually see ice, or lack of snow in upper elevations that bode poorly for those who actually want the feet of accumulation being dumped on the Northeast right now. I know this is the likely reason for my own doldrums because despite accusations of being a vampire (for the hours I keep, and for blocking sunlight from my house with closed blinds for reasons), I too need spring to get here.

But the real truth of my restlessness lately is this: I’m scared, you guys. In the last few weeks, all my expected income from outside sources has landed and this is it. I’m truly on my own with the full-time writing. I’m playing the marketing strategies as best I can, and so far, it seems to be going as expected. I have a few new avenues of readership to pursue so I can hopefully expand my audience, and while all of this sounds very businessy, it’s extremely personal to me, as Meg Ryan said in You’ve Got Mail.

I have a lot riding on this new release.

Yeah, I will have a lot riding on every release afterward, too, because momentum matters, but this first one, well. This one sets the tone. It’s about new characters. It’s a book close to my heart, too. But more than anything, it’s a test of sorts for me. I hope I pass.

So while I’m trying to stave off the cray-cray, I have just one favor to ask. If you get the book, please consider writing a review of your opinion when you’re finished. Love or hate it, I learn from reviews. I can use positive ones to help sell the book, and negative ones to learn from my readership where I missed the mark. Constructive criticism helps me grow.

I don’t know if you remember, but several months ago, I asked you all what you do and don’t like about books that have non-linear storytelling, with past and present timelines interwoven. I listened to your reasons, which included each timeline having enough length to each section to really sink into, not starting at the end and then working through flashbacks the whole rest of the book, keeping both timelines equally compelling, and more. To those of you who answered, thank you for the feedback. I took what you said to heart and tried to shape the story in a way that would be compelling and avoid some of the peeves. Your candor helped me write a better story, and I know your candor in reviews would do the same.

So if you’re curious as to what story was pulling at me so hard I had to jump it ahead of everything, March 12th, it’ll be released and ready for consumption. Another book baby out in the world. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

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14 thoughts on “Winners! And a Moment

  • I’ve read it. It’s so brilliant. I can totally understand the nerves though. I won’t sit here and tell you not to worry because that’s pointless. You’ll worry anyway. Just know me, your beta’s, and your Kate wouldn’t lie to you about how great it it! xoxo

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on Anatomy of Deception. Of course, for me, it couldn’t come out at a ‘worse’ time, what with the weeks from 3/11 to 25/11 probably being the most hectic I’ll face this year, but I’ll make the time to read, even if it means allowing the house to go to pieces around my ears in the meantime.

    The blurb is fascinating, the spoilers captivated me, and your past record is stellar so I’d be very surprised if this one isn’t a winner as well. A review once I’ve read it is a given, of course.

    Good luck and try not to let the nerves get to you too much.

  • March 12th can’t get here fast enough! $$ in the jar … new space on Kindle carousel dusted off right next to Power Exchange! Have March 15th reserved for encore reading & Guinness bought for March 17th … reread again on St. Pat’s day! Yummiest for tummy & brain!

  • AJ – I know I am super excited for the new release and cannot wait! I just found you (as an author) a few months ago and have ready everything out there. You are a fantastic writer (never doubt that) and your characters make me believe….in whatever. The very best of luck to you now as a full-time writer – you can do it! p.s. I will write a review when done reading.

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